The Granata Lab currently has a pedar-X in shoe pressure measurement system (St. Paul, MN).  The pedar-X system is used to monitor the pressure beneath the foot while the subject is wearing shoes.  As part of this system the Granata Lab currently has 7 pairs of insoles ranging from a women’s size 7 through a men’s size 13.   Each insole contains 99 sensors that are can be used to monitor the pressure, force, contact area, contact time, force-time integral, and the timing of the peak pressure.  Once the data has been collected the foot can be divided into various regions in order to examine how specific sections of the foot are being loaded during different activities. The pedar-X system can be used to answer questions related for orthotic design and fabrication as well as specific questions about shoe wear.  The system can be used in isolation or can be time synchronized with the force plates and motion capture system for combined data collection capabilities.