Force Plates

The Granata Lab has four AMTI (Watertown, MA) force plates, which are mounted in the floor along a 20 meter walkway.  These four force plates are mounted on a rail system allowing for them to be moved around in various configurations to optimize data collected based on the specific research study.  The force plates can be used to monitor ground reaction forces in the anterior/posterior, medial/lateral, and vertical directions.  In addition, these force plates will calculate the free moment about each one of the previously mentioned axes.  The force and moment data obtained from these force plates can be used to understand both ground reaction forces as well as joint moments, in conjunction with kinematics data, during a wide variety of activities.  In addition to the four imbedded force plates the lab also has 2 portable force plates (bi-axial).  These portable plates are used for the collection of biomechanical data in various settings  as well as being used for demonstrations at off-site facilities.