National Biomechanics Day at Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech hosted more than 90 high school students from surrounding high schools as part of National Biomechanics Day 2019! Led by Dr. Robin Queen and the Granata Lab, National Biomechanics Day 2019 at Virginia Tech involved hands-on biomechanics activities in 5 engineering labs. National Biomechanics Day is an annual international event aimed at introducing students to the field biomechanics.


Gilliam Fellowship will support graduate student’s investigation of impact of race on movement mechanics

Dr. Robin Queen and PhD student Cherice Hughes-Oliver were awarded the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Gilliam Fellowship as an advisor-advisee pair. This funding will support Cherice’s graduate studies to understand the impact of race and related factors on walking, running, and jump landing mechanics.

Podcast: Correlation of Physical Performance and Patient-Reported Outcomes Following Total Ankle Arthroplasty

Functional recovery following total ankle arthroplasty (TAA) is assessed with patient-reportedmetrics, but physical performance tests may allow for a more accurate assessment of patientfunction. We quantified correlations between patient-reported measures and physicalperformance tests in patients after TAA to determine the usefulness of physical performancetests in post-TAA assessment.

The lack of strong correlations between the 2 sets of metrics indicates that they provide different information about a patient’s recovery following TAA. Therefore, it is important to include both sets of metrics in post-TAA assessments to better understand operative success and functional recovery.


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When TAA Fails: OREF grant recipient assesses treatment options

End-stage ankle arthritis results in severe pain, deformity, and functional disability. Although both ankle fusion and total ankle arthroplasty (TAA) are effective treatment options for the condition, TAA has become more common because it preserves mobility in the ankle and may protect surrounding joints from increased wear.

Studies have shown that survival rates of ankle implants have improved over the years, yet there is still little to no information about best practices following an implant failure. How do the outcomes of revision ankle arthroplasty compare with primary arthroplasty outcomes? And how do the outcomes of revision arthroplasty compare with ankle fusion for treating a failed total ankle arthroplasty?

By: Jay D. Lenn

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Virginia Tech to Use Novel Sports Testing Service from Quest Diagnostics to Improve Student Athlete Performance

Members of the Virginia Tech football and women’s soccer team are now using customized insights from biological data to help team performance to peak levels through a new collaboration between Virginia Tech, competitive member of the elite Atlantic Coast Conference, and Blueprint for Athletes from Quest Diagnostics (NYSE: DGX), the world’s leading provider of diagnostic information services.

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Undergraduate researcher looks for ways to prevent and recover from running injuries

As a rising sophomore and runner at Gannon University, Mackenzie Wenrick hit the research jackpot when she learned she would do a summer research project with Robin Queen, associate professor in biomedical engineering and mechanics and director of the Kevin P. Granata Biomechanics Lab. Right in line with her athletic endeavors, Wernick is researching how fatigue affects a person’s loading symmetry when they run.

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