Validation of COM Measures with MetaMotionR in relation to Gait Asymmetry and Balance Picture

This project aims to validate the use of an IMU sensor, MetaMotionR, in assessing balance using center of mass (COM) measures, in comparison to 3D motion capture. This could serve as a potential cheaper alternative for biomechanists and clinicians in the assessment and diagnosis of balance-related pathologies. Broadly, this project also aims to help bridge the gap in our understanding of human balance capabilities. Establishing a baseline of balance performance in healthy people is necessary for comparisons of balance disruptions generated in association with musculoskeletal pathologies, following surgical interventions, for setting target levels for rehabilitation, and for injury prevention. Quantifying a normal and healthy range of balance performance in a large and diverse population will aid in establishing clinical and functional benchmarks in evaluating injury risk and recovery. This  will also contribute to understand how balance performance differs between different groups including sex, race, and age.